264. Sada Do Na Porlu Bangku


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do=d; BL 187

1.  Sada do naporlu bangku, Jesus bere Ham ma au
Atap aha do nadong bangku, seng na boi pasonang ahu
Ge arta ge sangap, ganup habayakon,
seng boi in mamboban au bai hasonangan
Ai anggo madapot nasasada in,
sai malas uhur hu hinorhon ni in

2.  Sihol bam ale tonduyhu, arta na sasada in?
Seng tarbaen in pindahanmu, anggo lang i babou in;
Ijin isiamun ni Tuhan Jahowa
do hundul Anak-Ni, na dob gabe jolma
Ai Ia do rupei na gok jenges-Nin
sai in ma pindahi da, o tonduyhin!

3.  Si Maria usihanku manangihon hata-Mu
Sihol ma, ale Tuhanku, hundul au ilambung-Mu
O Jesus Tuhanku, pasada uhurhu
Paluah ma au humbai ganup dousangku
Sai Ham ma ompungan ni ahu tongtong
Sai Ham ma manggoki uhurhu tongtong

Johann H. Schroder: One thing’s needful; Lord, this treasure;
(Jerman) Eins ist not! Ach Herr, dies eine;
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One thing’s needful; Lord, this treasure

One thing’s needful; Lord, this treasure
Teach me highly to regard;
All else, though it first give pleasure,
Is a yoke that pressed hard.
Beneath it the heart is still fretting and striving,
No true, lasting happiness ever deriving.
The gain of this one thing all loss can requite,
Can teach me in all things to find true delight.

If you seek this one thing needful,
Turn from all created things.
Turn to Jesus and be heedful
Of the peace and joy he brings.
For where God and man both in one are united,
With love and forgiveness the heart is delighted;
There, there is the worthiest lot and the best,
Where Jesus alone is your joy and your rest.

How were Mary’s thoughts devoted
Her eternal joy to find
As intent each word she noted
At her Savior’s feet reclined!
How kindled her heart, how devout was its feeling
While hearing the wisdom that Christ was revealing!
For Jesus all earthly concerns she forgot
In love and devotion to what Jesus taught.

So my longings, upward tending,
Jesus, rest alone on you.
All my life on you depending,
Teach me what to will and do
Although all the world should forsake and forget you,
In love I would follow, I’ll never desert you.
The words of your teaching, O Lord, are my life,
My joy and my peace in this vain world of strife.

Wisdom’s highest, noblest treasure,
Jesus, is revealed in you
Let me find in you my pleasure,
Make my will and actions true,
Humility there and simplicity reigning.
In paths of true wisdom my steps ever training.
If I learn from Jesus this knowledge divine,
The blessing of heavenly wisdom is mine.

Therefore you alone, my Savior,
Shall be all in all to me;
Search my heart and my behavior,
Root out all hypocrisy.
Through all my life’s pilgrimage, guard and uphold me,
In loving forgiveness, O Jesus, enfold me.
This one thing is needful, all others are vain;
I count all but loss that I Christ may obtain!